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Musical storytelling of friendship and hope through a

four-dimensional system of duality

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Who Are We?

In the summer of 2020, Nadia Perrotta and Ruairi O'Hare began collaborating on a number of projects, including films, music videos, animations, and online performances. They met through social media just after the first pandemic lockdown.


After surviving COVID19, Nadia continued to experience post-covid tiredness and was unable to speak or breathe properly for months. Ruairi started writing songs for Nadia as breathing exercises after learning about her difficulties. Practicing those songs helped Nadia to improve her breathing, regaining emotional and physical strength.


During the lockdown, Ruairi was also having difficulties due to his depression and other personal issues. Ruairi had almost given up on music altogether, but after realising how much better Nadia was feeling thanks to his music, he made the decision to change his ways, start fighting for his own victory, and resume producing music.


They kept working together, encouraging one another creatively and via friendship.

In order to convey their message of finding strength in their friendship, they began developing and experimenting with a distinctive musical storytelling style while on a residency in Rome. They produced works in both art and music as an expression of the fragility and strengths that lie in all of us as human beings and to provide creative tools for many young people to help express themselves during lockdown.

Nadia Perrotta

Nadia Perrotta is a socially engaged visual artist who works in performance, illustration, moving image, and creative writing. She has considerable experience engaging with people in a participatory and in-depth manner, including with public-sector commissions.


Ruairi O'Hare

Ruairi O'Hare is a musician, songwriter, and visual artist. He writes songs for young people about topics like anxiety, depression, and addiction, and he uses social media platforms to reach out and provide solace to people suffering from mental health issues.

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